Just another Day

Dear Me,

It’s not just another day.

I know you think it is. You make your coffee extra strong, afraid you might go insane if you don’t. You gulp your breakfast and force yourself to stare at your work every waking minute. You hurry here and there afraid… afraid that if you stand still… the face in the mirror will shake her head in disappointment.

Because you don’t want to face the truth.

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New Years Resolutions

I actually have one this year!

I’m usually a bah-humbug about New Years Resolutions. I resolve to do new things all the time, so I don’t really need to schedule it. These recent ones however just happen to be around the New Year.

I’ve been working in fast food for a year now. I’ve noticed a few things that have changed the way I see other people.

Firstly, it is rare for a customer to treat me like a real person.

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How to Learn Piano, Part 1

Step 1: Breathe and relax.

I cannot stress this enough.

I have spent hours—nay DAYS—trying to perfect a certain spot in the music. My fingers tumbled over one another like minions after a banana. I’d slump in my seat and lean my head against the ink blotted paper. Surely this isn’t just my fault. It’s all Mozart’s fault. Are all these notes really necessary? Do I even need to be doing this?

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My First Post!

I finally did it!
Yes, blogging is as scary as it sounds. I am excited to see where this journey will take me–a journey I am inviting you to take with me!
So what is my niche? Living life to its fullest!
For me, that includes:
1. Coffee
2. Bible
3. Family and relationships
4. Health
5. Home-making
6. Investing in my dreams

Which one would you like to see? Let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email!

Thank you for hanging out with me! Hope to see you soon!